waste burner manufacturers from china

Incinerate: medical waste and also basic waste Capacity to melt waste:
400-500kg/ hr.
Gas: Diesel.
Gas Intake: 10 liters/hr optimum.
Incineration temperature: 950-1300 degrees centigrade.
Case: thick (minutes 5mm) stainless steel covering as well as totally protected to.
hold up against sea humidity Voltage 220/240v or 380/415V Regularity 50Hz.
high-capacity, powerful, European Criterion burner, perfect for high volume incineration, with integral after-burner for greater performance as well as exhausts manage.
Waste Type as well as Melt Rate.
Made particularly for usage by fowl farmers,.
lamb farm owners, abbatoirs as well as for pet.
cremation. The burner will shed up to 50kg of.
waste per hour (as much as 150kg shed.
Mild steel welded construction containing sheet steel.
as well as structural area supports.
Cellular lining.
Monolithic high quality refractory concrete with high grade insulation backing.
Totally automatic, high-efficiency burners with digital ignition, flame acknowledgment as well as combustion control gadgets fitted.
Loading– Ash removal.
Hands-on ash elimination from the key chamber. (Ash doors are readily available on demand).
Outside coating.
Multi-coat premium quality, high-temperature aluminium enamel leading coat paint, completed in silver.
Fully automatic sequential control given by interior.
waste burner producers from china, PLC system providing control of:.
1. Additional chamber pre-heat.
2. Shed cycle (variable).
3. Cool cycle.
Fuel Options.
Diesel, LPG, Natural or Bio Gas.
Normal Fuel Consumption.
Diesel: 8/ 10 litres per hr.
Fluid Propane Gas: 6/ 8 litres per hour.
Gas: 7/ 9 Nm3 per hour.
Electrical supply.
240volt 16 amp.
Secret Specifications.
Chamber Quantity 2.38 m3:.
2.2 m (l) x 0.9 m( w) x 1.2 m( h).
Lots Capacity approximately 1000kg.
Tons Approach Top. · Kind: Pyrolytic

· Use: For medicines

· With Chassis to be Placed in truck/lorry

· May have a main as well as additional combustion chamber

· Should have a dilution chamber

· Capability: 100 Kgs per hour

· Source Of Power: Diesel or Natural Gas or Liquified Gas